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Copyright and the Classroom
The issues surrounding copyright have never been more visible. But the classroom presents its own copyright-related challenges, for students and teachers alike. How is an educator to know what the rules are? How do those rules apply in the classroom? And how can we make sure that students know the rules as well?

To help educators answer these questions, the Copyright Alliance has established the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation.

Working with Young Minds Inspired, the Foundation has developed a comprehensive program for teachers. Additionally, we have compiled a library of free curricula that helps teachers of all grades and subject areas incorporate copyright into existing lesson plans.

Copyright in the Classroom QUIZ ANSWERS can be found here.
Educators' Workshop
The material in this guide will help librarians and media specialists in their efforts to inform other educators about copyright. It includes a quiz, tips on designing a workshop, and a chart of available classroom materials.
Educators' Guide
This comprehensive 13-page guide is designed for teachers of all grades and subject areas and includes: an overview of copyright, FAQ section, glossary and standards charts for all the classroom curricula available on this web site.

Copyright in the Classroom
The Copyright Alliance Education Foundation and YMI have developed a free online video, Copyright in the Classroom, to provide a quick explanation of copyright, identify “teachable moments” in the classroom, and review all the free teaching resources available at the Alliance web site.

Click here for a video format that is compatible with Windows Media Player. You can download this version and save it to your desktop or a DVD.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Who we are

The Copyright Alliance Education Foundation is the 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable arm of the Copyright Alliance dedicated to developing educational programs aimed at helping America's next generation of creators succeed.

what teachers are saying
"I like your materials and your website and am using them to teach my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about copyright issues." – M. S., Silverthorne Elementary, Silverthorne, CO
"I've been waiting/searching for a resource. This is great!" – G.D., Highland Elementary, Owensboro
"This will be beneficial to our staff. Plan to present it in our next in-service in February." – S.F., Kankakee Valley Intermediate, Wheatfield, IN
"Will use in the future. We have a copyright workshop for staff coming up." – L.M., Maple Ave. Elementary, Goffstown, NH


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